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He is a well know figure in the field of soul music and as an ex journalist for Blues and Soul and working for Billboard in the USA, has a close up and personal interest and knowledge that may be second to none.

We will be regularly updating this website and hope you find all the details you need, or never knew!

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David Nathan is the founder and CEO of and began his writing career in 1965; beginning in 1967, he was a regular contributor to Blues & Soul magazine in London before relocating to the U.S. in 1975 where he served as U.S. editor for the publication for several decades and began being known as ‘The British Ambassador Of Soul.’ From 1988 to 2004, he wrote prolifically for Billboard, has penned bios, produced and written liner notes for box sets and reissue CDs for over a thousand projects. He returned to London in 2009 where he has helped create Records as a leading reissue label.


The History was founded in 2000 by music journalist/author/reissue producer David Nathan after the publication of his 1999 book “The Soulful Divas.” In 2005, Michael Lewis (formerly with Sony, LaFace, Motown and Hear Music) began running the e-commerce department of the site. Records was started in 2007 in association with Expansion Records. The website underwent a major change in appearance in 2009. In 2010, Records was relaunched in association with Cherry Red Records. In January 2012, the website underwent another facelift that also allowed for discussion groups, polls and other interactive features. provides a mixture of current and archival content on hundreds of contemporary and classic R&B and soul music artists along with classic videos, tracks, video playlists and more. The site has a sizeable archive of interviews from 1967-1979 drawn from the work of David Nathan and John Abbey. Unique features also include Voice Your Choice (where guests choose favorites from their own work as well as favorites by others), Dedicated To Soul (a regular online audio show) and Soul Talkin’ (for various editorial work). In addition, there’s a section for TV One’s Unsung, classic videos, classic tracks, discussion groups and regular polls.

Our Special Features include:

SOUL TALKIN’ – This section is the umbrella for a number of special features including “The World Of David Nathan,” “Dedicated To Soul,” “Writers’ Blogs” and “Express Yourself! Appreciation Features” which consist of articles written by members of the soul music community. If you wish to submit an idea for a feature you’d like to write about your own favourite soul music artist, please email us at

SOUL MUSIC.COM RECORDS – First started in 2007 through an association with Expansion Records, the reissue label began working with Cherry Red Records in 2010 and is dedicated to bringing soul music lovers the very best in classic material from the late ‘60s, the ‘70s, the ‘80s and on occasion, the ‘90s. By the beginning of 2012, the label had close to forty releases and expects to have another forty more by the end of the year!

In the archive:

CLASSIC INTERVIEWS & FEATURES – Drawn from the work of Blues & Soul founder John Abbey and contributing writer David Nathan published in the magazine between 1967-1979, this incredible archive is an amazing resource of information, documenting the very history of soul music during its golden age

VOICE YOUR CHOICE – Modelled around the concept of the British radio show “Desert Island Discs” features guest artists choosing seven favourite tracks from their own catalogue and three favourite tracks by others. The popular series began in 2009 with Dionne Warwick as the first guest and has continued on a regular basis since, expanding to include producers and songwriters

DEDICATED TO SOUL – Initially the name of David Nathan’s show on UK Solar Radio, the program is now done exclusively at consistently with David choosing both classic and contemporary soul music with an emphasis on the many reissues that continue to be made available particularly in the UK